33 Ampersand Avenue, 1930s. From the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, May 17, 2008 33 Ampersand Avenue, 2010 Harold Kraus in the 1926 Canaras

Address: 273 Ampersand Avenue, destroyed

Old Address: 33 Ampersand Avenue

Other names: Walker Cottage (1909), Alpert Cottage (1911), Krauss Cottage (1928), Meagher, Robert (1930); DIS

Year built: current structures: 1987

This cottage was owned along with 35 Ampersand Avenue by Greek Thomas Bartis; they had only Greek speaking patients, served Greek food, and had Greek newspapers delivered from New York City. Both houses were torn down c. 1987, and two duplex apartment buildings were built by Elmer Sullivan; they were subsequently bought by Trudeau Institute.

From Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks: The North Woods City of Health and Opportunity, Mid Winter Carnival, 1909

The attractive feature of the Walker Cottages, as shown, is the sleeping-out porch rooms, of which there are twelve, and each of which adjoins a warm inside dressing room. The establishment is modern in every way, accommodates about twenty persons, and offers excellent board for from $12.00 to $20.00 weekly. Further information can be had, if desired, by addresing Mrs. Alice Walker, 33 and 35 Ampersand Ave., Saranac Lake, N. Y.

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