38 Lake Flower Avenue

Address: 267 Lake Flower Avenue

Old Address: 38 Lake Flower Avenue

Other names: Nelson Cottage (1906, 1928), Hewitt-Nelson Cottage (1920s), Hewitt-Hinwood Cottage (1932); DIS

Year built:

Other information:

According to the Records of the TB Society, the house was used as a cure cottage for one patient as early as December 1913. Between December 6, 1915 and June 27, 1924, the next date given on the inspection cards, five porches were added. The rent for the house and garage was $285; individual patients paid on a per room basis. On a later visit, the inspector, "MCM" noted on 27 June 1924: "Visited. Very nice. Good equipment. Regulations left and duties of nurse in nursing cottage explained. Under management of graduate nurse, but not licensed in this State" (TB Society, 1913). "MCM" was Mary C. Mullen, who worked for the TB Society.

There were seven rooms on the second floor, each with a porch room; rents ranged from $40 to $50. Two more rooms with porches were on the third floor for $40.

This house was torn down in 2013.

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