39 Helen Street

Roger SeneyAddress: 84 Helen Street

Old Address: 39 Helen Street

Other names:

Year built: c. 1900

Cure evidence: TBSWC, USC1925

39 Helen Street was the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Seney in 1948.

From the NRHP form:  A two-story wood frame dwelling built above a rectangular footprint; this building has a hipped roof with wide overhang on eaves and a hipped-roof dormer flush with the Helen Street façade. There is an open, one-story porch along two-thirds of northern elevation which projects beyond the house to the east, and a cure porch on second story over the porch.  Wood clapboard siding, wood windows, asphalt roof.  The property has a retaining wall on its north and east sides (non-contributing structure) in addition to an automobile garage on the east side (contributing building)




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