39-41 Broadway

Address: 34-36 Broadway

Old Address: 39-41 Broadway

Other names: Perkett's Variety; Carlin's Bakery, 1940s; Deissler's Bakery, 1953 to 1968; Saranac Lake Bakery and Cafe, 1971 - 1985; Left Bank Cafe, 1981; Fabrics and Crafts 1981-1984; All That Glitters, 1984; Snap Shot Photo, 1985 - 2009, The Left Bank Cafe, 2010 -

Year built: Before 1895

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, June 16, 1981
Other information: The building's occupants are listed as "News, Stationery, and Tailor" on the 1895 Sanborn map; the 1899 map lists it as "Variety". The building first appears to be about two-thirds of its present length, with the Saranac River widening immediately downstream of the back of the building. By the 1903 map, the area that would become the back of the building is shown, but is labeled "Yard". By 1924, the river has been narrowed, so that it aligns with the building's south edge. The exterior stairs over the river have been a part of the building since at least 1895.

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