40 Helen Street

Address: 87 Helen Street

Old Address: 40 Helen Street

Other names:

Year built: c. 1906

Cure evidence: TBSBC, TBSWC

Fletcher Mace and his wife Gladys were owners of the home. Gladys is the original listed owner of the house. It was then passed to their son Dermott. Fletcher was the last Spanish American War Veteran in the village. He was in the fight on San Juan Hill. He was then transferred to the Philippines in time for the insurrection.

The building has signatures throughout from the builder, J.D. Jameson. 

From the NRHP form:  A one and one-half story wood frame dwelling with cross-gambrel roofed with stepped overhang. The building has a tripartite window at half-story level on its Helen Street elevation, flanked by small pointed-arch windows. A shed addition has been made to the Helen Street façade but the building otherwise retains any number of character-defining features. Vinyl siding, mix of wood and vinyl windows; asphalt roof.  This property has retaining walls on its south, east and west sides (non-contributing structure) and an automobile garage behind the house (contributing building).



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