40 Shepard Avenue

Address: 64 Shepard Avenue

Old Address: 40 Shepard Avenue

Other names: Swanson Cottage (1911), Neal (1928), Neil Cottage (1928), Tonetti Cottage (1933); DIS

Year built: 1908 or earlier (Sanborn maps)

Other information: This is believed to be the second house rented by Miss Mary Prescott in the fall of 1901 and run for a few years as the Reception Cottage, before Miss Prescott built the Reception Hospital at the head of Franklin Avenue, later called Prescott House. Miss Prescott lived next door, in Perch Cottage.

According to the 1916 TB Directory, the Swanson Cottage, run by Mrs. R.M. Swanson, had room for 21 patients, had one cure porch and charged $15-20 per week.

It was the home of John T. Merritt and family from 1948 to 1955.

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