Lake Placid News, September 21, 1923

Address: now vacant

Old Address: 46 Franklin Avenue

Other names: Miss Mary MacMillan, Dr. Small Cottage (1913), Bush Cottage (1928), Dogherty Cottage (1928), Cronni Cottage (1934), Hayes Cottage (1948-1955); DIS

Year built:

Other information: According to the 1916 TB Directory, the Smith and Stuart Cottage, had room for 8 patients, had one cure porch and charged $11-17 per week.

In 1923 it was operated as a cure cottage with tray service and nursing care by Ina G. Harvey at weekly rates of $25 to $45.

An article titled "Cottage Calls," about the patients in the Bush Cottage at 46 Franklin Avenue, appeared in The Guild News in January 1942.

It was the home of Marie L. Root, sister of William Root, Sr.; she moved to Saranac Lake from Brooklyn in 1965, at age 80, and lived to be 99.