Old Address: 48 and 48 1/2 Church Street

Other names:  Adirondack Lakes and Trails (2021)

Year built:

48 1/2 Church Street appears to be the little house hidden by woods at the corner of Church and River Streets, between the Fusion Market and the chiropractor's office. In the late 1970s or early 1980s, Theresa Pasho lived there. When her husband Francis Pasho died in 1963, their address was given as 48 Church Street. Possibly, there was once a larger house on the lot in front. 

The abandoned house was torn down and the woods cleared around 2020, and the property has become part of Adirondack Lakes and Trails (2021), a business in the building next door at 46 Church Street (old number Church Street) where the chiropractor was previously located.

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