Mr. & Mrs. Parker, Priscilla Bergren, left, at 4 Elm Street, 1930s Mrs. Parker Cottage, 1931 Louis Mackay and Priscilla Bergren on cure porch, 1931 Mrs. Parker Cottage, 2009 Louis Mackay and Priscilla Bergren at 4 Elm Street, 1931 Louis Mackay bed at 4 Elm, photo of Helen Jensen on radio Keene Street from 4 Elm Street, 1931

Address: 34 Elm Street

Old Address: 4 Elm Street

Other names: Lathrop Cottage (1912), Parker Cottage (1928); DIS

Year built:

Architect, if any:

Other information: See Louis Mackay. Around the 1970s-80s, Harrietstown Town Clerk Wesley Manchester and his wife Mary lived in this house.