48-50 Main Street Philip Berwick in the 1928 Canaras." Address: 59 Main Street

Old Address: 48-50 Main Street

Other names: Altman's from 1925 to 1932, Little Joe's, Emily Durell's Gifts at least 1953 - 1958, Roby's Gifts 1959

Year built: Before 1895 (Sanborn Maps)

Other information: There appear to have been four apartments above two storefronts at the building that was 48 Main Street and 50 Main Street

Residents: 1936: Mrs. Lena Bullis
  1948: Mr & Mrs. Sam Kelly, Mr & Mrs. Dean Myers, Mrs. Semansky, Mrs. Merritt
  1952: T Leahy, G. H. Murphey

Adirondack Daily Enterprise - January 12, 1953 and other 1953 issues:


WANTED — ADULTS who will appreciate the charm and beauty of a newly redecorated apartment at 50 Main street. Four unfurnished rooms and bath, electric stove and refrigerator, and all the heat and hot water you want.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in one of the nicest apartments in Saranac Lake—at a very reasonable rent—phone Little Joe's Lounge. The number is 32.

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