51 Petrova AvenueAddress: 61 Petrova Avenue

Old Address: 51 Petrova Avenue

Other names:

Year built: c. 1932

Architect: Sears Roebuck

Other information: This is a Sears Roebuck kit house, the Strathmore; no. 3306 ($1,627 to $1,757). The house at 89 Lake Street is the mirror image of this house.

The Sears Strathmore

This series of nine photographs was taken by the stonemason, Martin Winderl, who built the foundation of the house.  This is the arrival of the kit.
Courtesy of Lynn and Wayne Newman
The construction site.


Other historic properties

Work on the foundation










Floor joists










The studs go up








Framing the roof









Stacks of shingles ready at right








Almost finished









The completed house