60 Lake Flower Avenue Hamer's Tourist Home (undated, but probably c. 1940) Courtesy of the Penobscot Maritime Museum (Prints available) Lake Placid News, February 11, 1927 Address: 317 Lake Flower Avenue

Old Address: 60 Lake Flower Avenue

Other names: Reardon Cottage, Cleve Moody Cottage (Mrs. Cleveland Moody, Proprietor, 1928), Hamer's Tourist Home (1938-1949), Rickert (1950); DIS

Year built: c. 1890

Operated as a cure cottage by 1910, probably as early as 1896. It was registered as a private sanatorium operated by Christina Moody from at least 1910 to 1936. Cleveland Moody, born in 1860, was a member of Saranac Lake's pioneer family; he worked as a guide, and his wife Christina ran the house as a cure cottage — not an uncommon combination of spousal employment in Saranac Lake. Mrs. R. Reardon operated the site in 1922 as a cottage for veterans; Mrs. Moody ran it as a boarding cottage. As of the 1910 census, there were four boarders.

According to the 1916 TB Directory, the Moody Cottage, run by Mrs. Cleveland Moody, had room for six patients and charged $12-18 week. It also is listed in the Disinfection Records of 1928. In 1935, Mrs. Moody had room for eight patients, and charged $16-26 per week.

It was also the office of Alfred A. Moody, Insurance.

In 1938 to 1949, it was operated by Mrs. Katherine Hamer as Hamer's Tourist Home.

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