"John Wilson surveying Isham's - 1895" This building on Main Street was broken into two pieces which are now at 5 Academy Street (with a story added) and 7 Academy Street. Adirondack Daily Enterprise Weekender, June 13, 1992 7 Academy Street

Address: 12 Academy Street

Old Address: 7 Academy Street

Other names: Perry (Penny?) Cottage (1911), Griffo Cottage (4/1/1930), McKee Cottage (5/16/1930), Princer Cottage (3/4/1931), Mrs. Julia Woods Rooming House

Year built:

Other information: This was Sam Edelberg's first residence; see Cure Cottages, p. 82. The Disinfection Records list Mabel Tripp as vacating a room here, 10/6/1911.

Cure evidence: TBSBC, NYC1915

See Frederick A. Isham for the strange story of the photograph at left.

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