Old Address: 8 1/2 Bloomingdale Avenue

Other names: Buckley's Livery, Romano's Bowling Alley

Year built: before 1895

Other information: An unlabeled stable is shown on the earliest Sanborn maps (1895 and 1899) behind 4 Bloomingdale Avenue (presently the No. 1 Chinese Restaurant). By the 1903 map, a larger stable on the same site is labeled J. H. Buckley, which, by 1908, has been further enlarged. On the 1916 map it is labeled simply "Livery".

On the 1924 Sanborn map, where the original stable was is labeled "Garage, cap. 12 cars," while the later addition to the east is labeled "Taxi Service," and is given the address, 10 1/2 Bloomingdale Avenue.

The final, 1945, map shows both 8 and 8 1/2 Bloomingdale covered by a bowling alley, labeled "from plans."

Note: The Sanborns show a stable behind and a bit west of the Grand Union Hotel which, on the 1916 map only, is labeled "Livery." Jim Buckley is supposed to have had a livery at the Grand Union.

Finally, in an early-1900s photograph of Bloomingdale Avenue, a sign between 4 and 8 Bloomingdale reads "D. T. Buckley's Sale and Livery Stable."

Lake Placid News, February 11, 1916

There will be a matched race between M. A. Drury's horse "Carman" and Dan Buckley's horse "Rubber" Saturday afternoon, also classes A and B.

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