Address: No house was listed at this address in the Enhanced 911 Emergency Response System list in 2004.

Old Address: 97 Lake Street

Other names:

Year built:

Other information: This may have been built by the Saranac Lake Chamber of Commerce in 1922 (see story, below). In any case Edward W. Cady lived here in 1925, according to the Village Directory.

Malone Farmer, March 15, 1922

The model bungalow erected by the Saranac Lake Chamber of Commerce, has been sold before the paint was fairly dry to Edward W. Cady, formerly of Washington, D. C, for $7,700. It is called Petrova Villa because Madame Petrova, famous actress, wielded the silver shovel which broke ground for the structure last summer and furnished one of the rooms. The beginning of the excavation was made by 50 or more Saranac Lake business men. A plan for the erection modest homes up to $3,500 each with payments spread over 12 years is now being developed in that village.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, February 9, 1984, a Letter to the Editor from John H. Homburger

... Some in Saranac Lake should remember when (about 1920) Giles Bombard and co-workers organized to create a housing boom. The site chosen for a starter was on Lake Street and Madam Petrova turned the first shovel of dirt Mr. and Mrs. Ned Cady purchased the bungalow just beyond Clyde Cheeseman's toward the Hollow...

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