Address: Vest Pocket Park

Old Address: 98 Main Street

Other names: Mountain Gas Company

Year built: Before 1895 (Sanborn maps)

Other information: This was the site of the second school in Saranac Lake: "in 1843 another [school] was built in the very center of the village, on a quarter-acre lot deeded to the Town of Harrietstown by Pliny Miller. The site was just east of the Berkeley, and is now owned and occupied by Mr. W.F. Roberts. The school remained here till 1854..." 1

It was later the home of real estate agent W.F. Roberts in 1903, and is presently the site of the Vest Pocket Park.

Adirondack News, July 4, 1891

Saranac Lake.

Juno 20.—Wednesday night a social was held at the residence of W. F. Roberts, for the benefit of the Presbyterian church. Proceeds $28.

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1. A. L. Donaldson, A history of the Adirondacks, Volume 1, p. 238 full text