9 Dorsey Street, 2002, before demolition to create parking for St. Regis Canoe Outfitters. The pent-roofed structure at the back had been used as a stable or carriage house, with living quarters upstairs. This may have been the "Dwyer Cottage". Gendron Lumber, 2001 9 Dorsey Street, 2002, a month earlier than the photo above, taken from Sumner Lane. St. Regis Canoe Outfitters, 2016

Address: 73 Dorsey Street

Old Address: 9 Dorsey Street

Other names: Dwyer Cottage (1912), Tobias and Lattrell (1904), Central Garage (1919 - 1926), Martin-Hughes, Inc. (1927), Burton Pontiac (1951 - 1954), Cahill Pontiac, (1954 - 1956), Gendron Lumber (1958 - 2000), St. Regis Canoe Outfitters

Year built:

Other information: See P.W. Lattrell. Presently the site of the St. Regis Canoe Outfitters.

Lake Placid News, December 23, 1927


Guy Hughes of Saranac avenue, Lake Placid, who has been active in the sale of Chrysler cars in Lake Placid and vicinity for Ames Garage, has joined Charles Martin of Plattsburg in the organization of Martin-Hughes, Inc., of Saranac Lake. This company will handle Chrysler sales and service in Saranac Lake and the territory immediately surrounding.

Martin-Hughes, Inc., has leased the Central garage at 9 Dorsey street where latest Chrysler models will be on display and service will be available at all times.

Mr. Hughes's many friends in Lake Placid will wish him well in his new venture. Mr. Martin was formerly engaged in Chrysler sales in Plattsburg.

Essex County Republican, May 14, 1920

WANTED—A maid for general housework in a small family. No laundry. Must be able to cook. Wages, $10 per week. Apply to Mrs. P.W. Lattrell. 9 Dorsey St. Saranac Lake, NY.

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