Probably 9 McComb Street, see text. Courtesy of Kathy Ott Sader Six patients on the porch of 9 McComb Street, c. 1910, from a photograph album kept by Paul Ott. Courtesy of Kathy Ott Sader

Address: vacant

Old Address: 9 McComb Street

Other names:

Year built:

Other information: A number of 1910 photographs of TB patient Paul Ludwig Ott show a view that suggests they were taken from McComb Street. Among them is the photograph of the house at right, and others showing a street number 9 on the house. Taken together, it is likely that they were taken at 9 McComb Street. According to village directories, this address was occupied by Joseph Dukett in 1925. The location has been vacant since at least 2008; we have found no references to it since 1939.

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