Old Address: 78 Main Street

Other names: T.F. Finnigan's, Roberts Block

Year built: 1900

A. Bruzza Confectionary was a fruit and confectionery business run by Antonio Bruzza and his wife Rose from about 1907 until 1923.

From the Roberts Block:

Perhaps from the beginning but certainly prior to 1907, A. Bruzza Confectionary occupied the ground floor storefront. This business is remembered well today by older residents for its marble tables and counters, its baskets of fruit, its ice cream and candy, and its stalks of bananas hanging in the windows — sweet memories for children in their seventies and eighties. Three steps up to the raised floor took the hungry youngster into this hall of delights.

In November, 1904, Roberts sold the building to Frank H. McKee who continued to lease office space to the former owner and the store to the Italian confectioners. In 1917, he signed a renewal of the lease agreement with Antonio Bruzza for the period of May 1, 1918 to June 1, 1923, for $100 per month. However, 21 days after the new lease took effect, McKee sold the property to Thomas F. Finnigan.

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