A. Douglas Bombard Doug Bombard's Garage on Church Street Extension, Doug Bombard, left; Dr. Joe Johnston, right. Doug Bombard and the Crawford girls A. Douglas Bombard, 1909, age 5, on the Main Street bridge, with the Riverside Inn in the background. The car was his father's, reputed to be the first car garaged in Saranac Lake. Among the children on board are Agnes Corbett Kilroy, Bertha Utting Smith, and Louise Downing. See the Gray-Bellows Motor Company. Charlotte, Natalie and Doug Bombard, undated Born: 1904

Died: January 19, 1949

Married: Charlotte Littlejohn, July 4, 1928, Montreal

Children: Natalie Leduc, Douglas Bombard, Jon Bombard, Jim Bombard, Madeline Bombard

Alfred Douglas Bombard was the son of livery man Giles Bombard. He became a surveyor, working with E. M. Merrill. He also operated a garage on the Church Street Extension. He lived at 110 River Street from 1936 to 1939, and at 7 Maple Hill Road from 1945 until his death.

He drowned in Lower Saranac Lake at age 45, when the car he was riding in with Dr. Charles H. Haskins fell through the ice on January 19, 1949.

Unidentified news clipping (probably the Enterprise) dated Wednesday, January 19, 1949

Bodies 50 Feet [Under?]
Dr. Haskins and
Doug Bombard in Auto under Ice

State police dragged Lower Saranac Lake today for the bodies of Dr. Charles H. Haskins and A. Douglas Bombard, who are believed lost when their car plunged through the ice sometime yesterday afternoon.

The men took off from Crescent Bay in Mr. Bombard's 1933 Chrysler roadster about 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon and were expected to return about five o'clock.

They had planned to do some ice fishing and had headed for Dr. Haskins’ State camp on the other side of the narrows, which lead to the river into Round lake.

When the two men didn't return, Bill Willette, who is employed at Bombard’s Service station, and Harry Duso, operator of the Crescent Bay camps and boat livery, started walking up the lake at 7:30 o'clock last night.

At the narrows, five miles—up the lake, they found a hole in the ice, about 55 feet in diameter, and car tracks leading into the opening.

The men looked for foot prints and then walked up to Dr. Haskins’ camp in hopes of finding the lost men there. When they could not be located, they returned to Crescent Bay and Mr. Duso notified State Police at 10:20 o'clock last night.

Due to darkness, the troopers were forced to wait until early this morning before starting their search for the lost fishermen.

Extra troopers, along with an emergency boat and portable radio equipment, arrived from Malone about 5 o'clock this morning and the search got under way about 6 a.m.

State Police estimated the depth of the water, where the car is submerged, at about 50 feet.

The emergency truck from the Saranac Lake Fire department was taken to Crescent Bay and troopers are using the rescue boat from the truck to recover the automobile. The boat is equipped with runners and emergency lines to enable the police to safely take the apparatus up the lake on the treacherous ice.

 State Police said this morning they believed the men’s bodies are imprisoned in the car. They were continuing their search at a late hour this morning.

 Dr. Haskins is president of the Saranac Lake Study and Craft Guild. He was formerly the anesthetist at the Saranac Lake General hospital and physician in the Saranac Lake Public schools.

 Mr. Bombard is an active member in the Republican party in Saranac Lake and served as village trustee for several years, He also is a former clerk of the Town of Harrietstown.


Chateaugay Record, January 21, 1949


Dr. Charles H. Haskins and Justice of the Peace Alfred Douglas Bombard, of Saranac Lake, were drowned in the icy waters of Lower Saranac Lake on Tuesday night. The two men were driving across the lake in a car to the Haskins camp across the water. The ice was only about an inch and a half thick at the point where car plunged through. The bodies were found Wednesday afternoon.

Mr. Bombard was a son of Mrs. Edith (Crawford) Bombard and the late Giles A. Bombard, of Saranac Lake, and a nephew of Mrs. Ella Douglas, of Chateaugay. He was 44 years of age.