Sarah H. Chester Cabin

Born: 1859

Died: c. July 25, 1901

Married: Titus N. Spaulding


Abbie Brown Spaulding was the wife of Titus N. Spaulding, and the daughter of Calvin Brown. She was the sister of Charles Brown, the guide who murdered George Berkeley, the proprietor of the Riverside Inn in 1888, and the sister of Mrs. Katherine Brown Potter. Her husband's business failed in 1892, and he spent some time in Alaska, where he was when Abbie died in 1901. She is buried in Pine Ridge Cemetery.

Plattsburg Sentinel July 26, 1901

—Mrs. T. N. Spaulding, of Saranac Lake, died of heart failure at her home in that village Tuesday, and was buried yesterday. Her husband is at Dawson City, and could not get home in time for the funeral.

Malone Farmer, July 31, 1901

Mrs. T. F. Spaulding, of Saranac Lake, died of heart failure at her home in that village last week Tuesday after an illness of one day. On the evening previous the cottage of Miss Chester near her home at the foot of Mount Pisgah took fire from a lamp explosion, but the fire department extinguished the blaze before much damage was done. The excitement, however, so affected Mrs. Spaulding that it brought on the fatal attack. The deceased was the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Brown and married "Tip" Spaulding, then a prosperous merchant at the Lake, about 20 years ago. Reverses in business followed and Mr. Spaulding sought to restore his lost fortune in the Klondike, whither he journeyed some four years ago. Mrs. Spaulding was a jolly, vivacious woman and will be remembered by many in Essex, Clinton and Franklin counties for her plucky fight for a ticket to the Klondike offered as a prize in a voting contest instituted by the Plattsburgh Press a few years ago. But Mrs. Spaulding never went to the Klondike and had not seen her husband since he departed for the gold fields, although she heard from him often, and only on the Saturday before her death had come the glad news of a lucky strike and of his probable return this fall. She leaves surviving, besides her husband, her father, Calvin Brown, three sisters and three brothers, Mrs. Kittie Potter and Mrs. Alice Garwood of Saranac Lake, and Mrs. Paul Benedict, of New Haven, Lowell W. and Edward Brown, of Saranac Lake, and Mason W. Brown who is with Mr. Spaulding in the Klondike.