We have this copy of the Adirondack Enterprise from February 4, 1915 thanks to Phyllis Horton.

Mentioned on this page are George Jarvis Mirick, John C. Little, Henry Ives Baldwin, Walter H. Larom, Dr. Lawrason Brown, Dr. C. C. Trembley, Kenneth W. Goldthwaite, Henry P. Leis, The Santanoni, St. Regis Hotel and the Public school on Main Street. Mentioned on this page are Caribou Bill, Francis B. Cantwell, James Mannix, Edmund Lamy, B. H. Gray, Ed Horton William F. Roberts.  The house at upper left is the Pritchard Cottage at 219 Park Avenue.Santanoni Apartments, William Mullen Winter Carnival, Ice Palace, History of the Winter Carnivals Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium, William F. Cooper Berkeley Square, Adirondack Cottage SanitariumBoyce and Roberson, Berkeley Square, Francis B. Cantwell, James Mannix, Boyce and Roberson, Highland Park, F.B. Cantwell Paul Smith's Electric Light and Power Company, C.M. Palmer, Broadway Louis Kernochan, Doctors, W. J. Munn, Tuffield Latour, Anthony Gedroiz, George A. Latour  Saranac Lake Board of Health, Frank Kendall, 27 Cedar Street, 45 Franklin Avenue Adirondack National Bank, Hotel Empire, Post Office Pharmacy, Max H. Westhoff, William Mulflur, Telephone Exchange, Humidor, Munn Brothers, Kendall Pharmacy Riverside Inn, Seaver A. Miller, Paul Smith's Electric Light and Power Company, Kendall Building, Harrietstown Town Hall, Hogan Block, Samuel Edelberg, Walton and Tousley, A. Goldsmith & Son, W. L. Distin, Haase Block, Scopes and Feustmann Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium, W. S. Fowler State Sanitarium at Ray Brook, Paul Smiths Electric Light, Power and Railroad Company Max Westhoff, W.C. Leonard, Post Office Building, Berkeley Hotel, M.M. Feustmann, W.P. Jenkins, James Mannix, C.C. Trembley, S.F. Blanchet, Coleman Cottage, A.D. Moir, B.B. Flint, A. Fortune, Jr., H.V. Littell, John Corbett, H. Ray Williams, G.A. Toupin, Egler Block, Central House, Loomis Block Lawrason Brown, Kenneth W. Goldthwaite, W.F. Roberts, E.R. Baldwin, Conklin Cottage, William Minshull, J.W. Oakley, William A. Walton, Santanoni, F.E. Sheldon, Boys' Club, James Moody, J.A. Farrell, Vosburgh's garage, Isaiah Vosburgh, Ledger Building, George L. Starks, G.A. Bombard, Public Market, W.F. Straight Vosburgh House, Kenneth W. Goldthwaite, William Minshull, B.B. Flint Church Street, Berkeley Square, Main Street, Broadway Trudeau Residence, Roberts Residence, Bailey Cottage, Kinghorn Residence Charles C. Trembley residence, Kollecker's, Broadway Curling, Skiing, Tobogganing, Bobsledding, Skating, Hockey Shelley Tool Company Walton and Tousley, Pontiac TheatreAdirondack Art Store, Cut Rate Pharmacy Kendall's Pharmacy, Boyce and Roberson, Troy Laundry, H.F. Towner Dr. E.L. Trudeau, Mrs. E.L. Trudeau, John HardingJ. Peyton ClarkWilliam F. Roberts, Curling, William F. KolleckerKollecker Kodak and Gift Shop
Ice Palace, J. H. Shelley, Walter H. Larom, W.B Trowbridge, A.D. Moir, Riddle Cottage Ed Horton, Speed Skating, Saranac Lake High School Riverside Inn Henry P. Leis, Sam Edelberg, Seaver A. Miller