Adirondack Daily Enterprise, 14 May 1953Lake Placid News, 17 May 1940Adirondack Storage Vaults was was a secure storage facility opened by the Miller Estate in 1937 at 38 Main Street in the former Tousley Storage Building (see that page for more).

After World War II it became a division of Lincoln Mountain Vaults,  a secure storage facility operated by Lincoln Warehouse Corporation of New York City from 1952 to 1957.  The facility was managed by Karl Griebsch.

The association with Lincoln Vaults ended in 1957, and  Adirondack Storage Vaults continued until at least 1961.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, 15 November 1952


It's "Operation Bomb Proof" that has been going on at the former Saranac Lake garage on Main st. Upon completion of improvements, the building will be the second such storage house in the village.

At present there is a bomb, fire and burglar proof building on Bloomingdale ave., operated by the Lincoln Mountain Vaults, Inc. It was put in operation here in May, 1951, as a storage place for business firms to safeguard valuable records.

Managed by Karl Griebsch, the building at the Main st. location building is staffed by nine men and additional workers will be employed at the Main st. location which will store records on the first two floors and furniture and furs on the third floor.Ticonderoga Sentinel, 9 May 1940

The company, a subsidiary of the Lincoln Warehouse Corp., New York City, specializes in protection from war damage as well as flood, fire and earthquakes.

The firm has clients from all over the United States as well as Europe and Asia. The majority of records are on rolls of microfilm.

There is only one other place in New York State offering this protection and that is located in the Iron Mountain area.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, 20 February 1953

The Board, as the village Trustees did last week, approved the request of Lincoln Mountain Vaults, Inc., to have burglar alarm system connected with the Village police department in Town Hall.

Lake Placid News, 19 March 1937