Adirondack Daily Enterprise, October 20, 1954

Address: 120 Broadway

Old address: 117 Broadway

Other names: Standard Tire and Supply (Bob Agnew)

Adirondack Tire Company has been in existence since at least 1929. In 1933 it was at 105 Lake Flower Avenue; since 1938 it was located at 117 Broadway [old address]. Since around 1999, 117 Broadway has been vacant.

Other information: See Adirondack Daily Enterprise, August 6, 2019, "A history lesson -- the vacant lot next to me," Guest Commentary by Wendy Foley, for an detailed recent history of this now-vacant property.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, September 1, 2022, by Aaron Cerbone

Broadway mainstay mechanic re-tires: Greg Mace rolls into retirement after 49 years, Adirondack Tire building to be site of Saranac Lofts apartments

. . . Adirondack Tire had been open since the 1920s. Mace's dad bought the shop in 1969. Greg was 15 at the time. But in 1973, his father was in a car crash, and spent years in recovery. Mace was going to college for an accounting degree, but started running his father's business and in 1987 officially took over the business.

. . . Now at 68 years old, he's ready to hang up his tire machines.

. . . The tire shop itself burned twice -- once in an electric fire, and another caused by kids burning tires out back.