Agnes Ester Kennedy

Born: November 9, 1909

Died: January 8, 1985

Married:  Single

Children:  none

Agnes Esther Kennedy was an owner of Kennedy's, a family business.

Kennedy's was a unique women's store, known for its quality merchandise.  It was also one of the few places that had a great selection of women's hats.  This establishment was begun by Miss Kennedy's father, the late Edward J. Kennedy.  Mr. Kennedy was an employee of Leonard's Department Store, adjacent to Kennedy's.  He offered some suggestions to Mr. Leonard for improvements in his store and Mr. Leonard chose to ignore his suggestions.  So, when the opportunity came to buy the property next door, Mr. Kennedy did so, purchasing the whole building and using the bottom floor for his store!  In the 1940's and 50's yard goods, sheets, blankets and curtains were available for purchase.  In addition to hats, ladies could purchase Pendelton suits, dresses of every kind and description, coats, skirts and blouses.  Separate lines of ladies undergarments, hankies, pocketbooks and stockings were also available.  Purchases were carried away in mauve-colored wrapping paper or bags.  The two front windows in the store held mannequins, dressed in the latest fashions, with shoes from Parnell's!