Born: August 31, 1871

Died: August 16, 1910

Married: Mabel Bonner (born November 20, 1871; died November 11, 1944)

Children: Alexis William Stein, Jr. (born March 17, 1904; died April 12, 1907)

Reverend Alexis W. Stein graduated from General Theological Seminary in New York and joined the staff of St. George's Church, Stuyvesant Square, under Rev. W. S. Rainsford in February, 1895. In September 1898 he left to take charge of Christ Church, Cincinnati. In his 14 months there, "he made the church free, built a fine parish house, and stirred the whole town," wrote Rainsford. Stein appears in a group photo of young ministers entitled "My Boys" in William Stephen Rainsford: The Story of a Varied Life. He married Mabel Bonner on January 14, 1903 at St. George's. They had a son. Taken with tuberculosis in 1905, Rev. Stein went to the Adirondacks, where he was cared for by Dr. E. L. Trudeau. Alexis Jr. lived just three years. Trudeau wrote, "Their little boy fell ill and died, and the tragedy of it all brought us closer together than ever." Rev. Stein aided his doctor to find funding for the Sheldon and Albert Medical & Reception Pavilion at the sanatorium, described in Trudeau's Autobiography, pages 297-299.

Rev. Stein took work at Fitchburg, Mass., and was offered the chaplaincy of Columbia College, "a field he longed to occupy," Rainsford wrote. But it was not to be. Stein and his wife appear on the census of 1910 at Colorado Springs, also a health resort for tuberculosis. By August 7 that year, he was in Saranac Lake again, where Dr. E. R. Baldwin examined him and found his TB far advanced. Rev. Stein was 39 years old and he was living at 47 Baker Street. He died within weeks and was buried on August 20th "in the Adirondack woods," actually in Pine Ridge Cemetery, beside his son, and later his wife.