Lake Placid News, August 7, 1925 Algonquin Boathouse, c. 1912.

Address: Algonquin Avenue

Old Address: 100 Algonquin Avenue

Year built: c. 1884

Other information: The boat house of the Algonquin Hotel was operated by Burt Alvord and his son Earl long after the hotel closed.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, October 20, 1990 (See Saranac Lake Boat and Waterways Club for the full article.)

When waterways hummed with regattas


...Headquarters for the events during the 1922 meet [of the Saranac Lake Boat and Waterways Club] were at the old Algonquin Hotel boathouse where, as can be seen in the accompanying photo, a large turnout of spectators could view the events. The hotel had been closed two years earlier but Burt Alvord had leased the boathouse which continued to operate for another 20 years...

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