Alice Trigg Swain at the Crescent Bay, looking back toward the Swain Camp, 1960s, captioned "Penny at Saranac." The lawn of the Swain Camp is at upper left. Courtesy of Wesley Niarhos. Alice Trigg Swain at the Distin Cottage, c. 1925. Courtesy of Wesley Niarhos. The boathouse shown above is still there; another boathouse has been built to the left.

Born: April 26, 1921

Married: Lloyd Henry Eicher, Alexander Yurgaitis

Children: Helen Eicher, Diane Palmyra Eicher, Alexander Yurgaitis, Twila Yurgaitis

Alice Trigg Swain Eicher Yurgaitis was a daughter of Charles J. Swain Jr. and Helen Alice Trigg.