Married: Calvin Brown

Children: Edwin E. Sumner (son of Mrs. Calvin Brown), born c. 1852. With Calvin Brown: guide Charles Brown, born c. 1856; Abbie, wife of Titus N. Spaulding, March 21, 1859 - July 20, 1901; Lowell Brown, born c. 1861; Mary (Katherine, wife of George Potter, July 12, 1863 - September 9, 1945, who may have been named Mary Katherine); Emma, born c. 1867; and Frank, born c. 1868, Mace W. Brown, born c. 1869.

Amorett Miller Brown's name was variously spelled Amarett and Amarette. Both she and her husband were from the families of early settlers of Saranac Lake.

Plattsburgh Sentinel, February 21, 1890

Mrs. Jay Miller is ill at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Calvin Brown. Miss Annie Miller is taking care of her mother in her sickness.