The house just right of center was the site of Martin's; the house was torn down in 1913 and has since been replaced by a larger house. The building at left is part of the Ampersand Bay Resort. Baker Mountain, left and McKenzie Mountain, right Ampersand Bay Boat Club post card, c. 1993 Ampersand Bay is at the northeast end of Lower Saranac Lake. From 1850 to 1897, it was the site of the Saranac Lake House, known as Martin's, the first sportman's hotel on the lake, and later, of the Ampersand Hotel. It is presently the site of a New York State boat launch and of the Ampersand Bay Resort (previously the Ampersand Bay Boat Club).


New York Times, June 7, 1903

…A new cottage has been built for Otis L. Williams of New York on Ampersand Bay, In the edge of the forest just west of the clubhouse of the Ampersand Golf Club. It is of two stories, the exterior of shingles and the interior finish on the first floor Is in timber finish, while the walls of the second story are celled. Provision is made for the dining room on the north side of the veranda under an octagon roof…

Lower Saranac Lake, with Ampersand Bay in center foreground. The Von Dorrien hotel is at lower right, along with a short stretch of Ampersand Avenue. William Henry Jackson, c. 1905 Ampersand Bay, undated; Eagle Island, center.