The Ampersand Post Office was located at the Ampersand Hotel, Franklin County, New York. Application to establish the post office was made on March 18, 1889, and signed by John Harding. When Samuel Clemens spent the summer of 1901 in a rented camp across the bay, he was greatly amused by the name of the nearest post office.

Postmasters and the dates they were appointed: John Harding, 7/20/1889 James P. Mills, 4/7/1890 William G. Young, 6/7/1892 Charles M. Eaton, 4/24/1900 George S. Moulton, 11/23/1904 James A. Latour, 6/20/1907

The hotel burned September 23, 1907, and the Post Office was discontinued on August 15, 1908. Mail was forwarded to Saranac Lake.

Source: Research Administrator/Historian, Office of the Postmaster General, United States Postal Service, March 20, 1992.

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