Died: April 25, 1899

Married: Evidently not, as she died as "Miss."


Anna O. Miller was the daughter of John J. Miller, the granddaughter of Captain Pliny Miller, and the sister of Van Buren Miller. In 1870 a new school-house was built opposite the Berkeley Hotel. Annie O. Miller taught for many years in the Main Street School. She inherited land between the Saranac River and Broadway and Main Street on which several major business blocks would be built, including the Fowler Block, the Kendall Building and the Mulflur Building.

She bought an Ivers & Pond piano from F. E. Everett of Potsdam in 1896. 1

Anna O. Miller is buried with her parents in section L 98 of Pine Ridge Cemetery.

Compare with Mary A. Miller.

Malone Palladium, May 4, 1899


MILLER.—In Saranac Lake, N. Y., on Tuesday, April 26, 1899, Miss Anna O. Miller, sister of the late Van Buren Miller.



1. Malone Palladium, June 16, 1898