Married: Constance Charlotta Trimble (listed as "Veronica F." on the 1920 census)

Children: Constance Frances Marie Ockelman

Anthony Keane was the step-father of Constance Ockelman, also known as Veronica Lake; he was a newspaper staff artist for the New York Herald. In In 1934, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis, and shortly after moved to Saranac Lake. 1 The 1935 village directory lists an Anthony H. Keane at 1 Watson Place, and the 1936 directory has him at 1 Riverside Drive. Shortly after, the family moved to Miami, Florida, and in 1938 they moved to Beverly Hills, California, where her mother enrolled her in acting classes. A year later, beginning at age 17 in 1939 and '40, his stepdaughter appeared in six films, uncredited, or listed as Constance Keane. Then in 1941, after another uncredited role, she made I Wanted Wings, with Ray Milland and William Holden, which brought her to national attention.



1. Bunk's Place, He may also have cured in Montreal; in any case his step-daughter attended a boarding school there briefly before being expelled.