Born: 1884, in English Canada


Married: Edith M., a native of Vermont

Children: Arthur, Jr.

Arthur Arms (his middle initial may have been A. or T.) emigrated to the U.S. in 1902. He was a clerk, living at 17 Bloomingdale Avenue. He soon married and bought the eastern half of lot #11 in Julia Miller's Villa Sites along Park Avenue.

After Mr. and Mrs. Arms moved into their new house at 74 Park Avenue with his mother, Edna, Mr. Arms went into business as an undertaker while Edith Arms ran the house as a nursing cottage, starting out with only three patients. The nurse living on the premises was Nattie Case. Minnie Buxton was the waitress. In 1914 Mr. and Mrs. Arms had a son, Arthur A. Jr. By 1915, Arthur Sr. had changed occupations again, this time to that of salesman. In that year, there was only one more person in the house, besides the family members, than there had been in 1910. In January 1916, Arthur and Edith Arms sold 74 Park Avenue to Worthie Colyer for $6000 plus $1690 due on a mortgage held by Milo B. Miller.

Edith Arms was a member of the Reviewers Club from 1908 through 1915.