Malone Palladium, June 2, 1887Born: November 28, 1819

Died: April 22, 1890

Married: Never married

Arvilla E. Blood was the only sister of early Saranac Lake settler Orlando BloodThe Bloods came originally from Lewis, Essex County. They had kept a hotel in Keene Center for several years but sold it in 1860 and moved to Saranac Lake.

There were five of them: Arvilla E. BloodRylandGeorgePascal and Orlando. The latter was the acknowledged head of the family, and outlived them all. Arvilla gave the land for St. Luke's Church, and sold Dr. E.L. Trudeau the lot on the opposite side of Church Street where he built his house, and later the Saranac Laboratory. She is buried in Pine Ridge Cemetery.

Writing in 1911, Walter C. Rice commented of the Blood family, "Here I wish to pay tribute to the generosity of this family— a family with no visible profession of any religious faith, yet possessing those charming traits that sickness and distress bring into view, that are so intensely humane."