The Bartlett Carry Road starts at lower right near the historic canoe carry that gave the road its name.
The sections marked Middle Road, Gull Point Road, and Pork Bay Road are all part of the Bartlett Carry Road
Bartlett Carry Road starts on New York Route 30 and heads north past the Bartlett Carry Club five miles along the eastern shore of Upper Saranac Lake to Pork Bay at the north end of the Narrows.

In its earliest appearance on a USGS map, in 1905, the Bartlett Carry Road didn't cross the Saranac River at bottom right.It is said to have started life as a bridle trail from the Bartlett Carry to Camp Gricoq.

Addresses of all the properties on all the roads that start from the Bartlett Carry Club are given numbers on "Bartlett Carry Road," but residents recognize different road names for the branch leading to the properties at the mouth of Bartlett Bay (Saranac Shores road), the road leading to Gull Point (Gull Point Road), and the continuation of the road past the Gull Point turnoff that continues to Pork Bay (Pork Bay Road).