Born: ~ 1828 in Clinton County

Died: possibly November 5, 1894 and buried in Union Cemetery

Married: 1st wife Mary Abbott (June 10, 1836 - September 4, 1872), buried in Union Cemetery; 2nd wife Hadie b.~ 1849 in Essex County

Children: Nancy Muncil b. ~1859, John M. Muncil b.~1860, Martha Muncil, Benjamin A. Muncil Sr., William Muncil b.~1868, George Muncil b.~1869, Lydia Muncil b.~1870, Fred G. Muncil (1872-1933), and Celestia Muncilb.~1874

The 1875 N. Y. Census shows the family living in a log house worth $80 in Brighton

Chiefly known for: