La Jeunesse, 1943
Front row, left to right: Joe Brown, Rod Hinwood, Sam Bodine, Hank Blagden (Director/owner), Wynne Wister, Welby Whitten, Jim MCurdy.
Back row, Charlie Howzie, Don Hagerman, Hugh Scott, ?, Floppy McLeod, Tom Armstrong, Munson Baldwin.
Photograph by Bernard M. Acosta.
Courtesy of the Adirondack Experience




Bernard M. Acosta was born in San Juan, Costa Rica. In 1918, he moved to New York City and worked in several photo studios. He later was employed by the Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, traveling to the South American countries, where he demonstrated film, plates, and paper. When his health failed in 1931, he came to the Trudeau Sanitorium to cure, and in the fall of 1932, started a photography business on Academy Street. 1 On January 15, 1940, Acosta acquired the former William L. Distin studio. He was a teacher of photography classes at the Study and Craft Guild, beginning in 1948. 2 He also helped out as the event photographer of major Guild events, such as the Harvest Hop of 1948, after which he donated $50 in profits from the pictures to the Guild.

Older local high school graduates recall that Acosta had been engaged to take senior class portraits and other photos that were used in the Saranac Lake High School yearbook, the Canaras.


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