Bloomingdale Hardware Adirondack Daily Enterprise, August 19, 1966 Address:

Old Address: New York Route 3, Bloomingdale

Other names: Cohen Hardware; Jakobe's Winter Store

Year built:

Other information: This building was owned and operated by the Cohen family of D. Cohen & Sons in Saranac Lake. It later became an annex to Virginia and Henry Jakobe's antique shop, the Sign of the Fish, sometimes called Jakobe's Winter Store.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise,June 13, 1979

Our condolences to the family of Louis Cohen — he, his brothers and sisters were part of the community for many years, and Louis was the last of them. Not many can remember the father, Dave, who began the hardware business here in the early part of the century and thru hard work and fair dealing built a fine business that warranted opening a branch in Saranac Lake. Even after the business was sold, Louis still operated a pipe and culvert business using part of the old property for storage. If you are new to the community 'Cohen's Store', as it was called, was in the building where Henry Jakobe has his Winter Antique Shop, and the Cohen family used to live upstairs. 

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