Birk's Swiss Chalet, also known as the Villa St. Armand
Courtesy of the Adirondack Experience
Two women on the Bloomingdalle Road, January 10, 1925
Courtesy of the Adirondack Experience
Bloomingdale Road, c. 1920, from an undated brochure by E. L. Gray & Co., c. 1920. Courtesy of Natalie Leduc. "On the road to Bloomingdale, Saranac Lake, Adirondack Mts N.Y" (1909) Bloomingdale Road is a continuation of Bloomingdale Avenue; it runs six miles northeast to the village of Bloomingdale. It was the site of Orville Paye's "Gold Mine", the St. Armand Hotel in 1906, the St. Armand Racetrack in the 1920s and '30s, the Colonial Inn, Birk's Swiss Chalet, the Bloomingdale Road School, the home of guide Peter O'Malley, the dairy of B.F. Norman & Son, the Green Valley Farm, the F.H. McKillip Dairy, and the home of Civil War veteran, Sylvanus Paye until his death in 1933. In 2011, the Saranac Lake Fish and Game Club, BOCES, and the Village of Saranac Lake Sewerage Treatment Plant are all located along the Bloomingdale Road.

In 1955 the Happy Manor Art Gallery was established on the Bloomingdale Road by Mrs. Dorothy Yepes, with support from Mrs. William Morris and a group called the Adirondack Allied Arts headed by Mrs. William Distin.

Malone Farmer, September 9, 1903

Frederick Cassavaugh, a farmer's son living about three miles out on the Bloomingdale road, was held up by three men just outside of therorporattoa limits of Saranac Lake at dusk recently. An attempt was made to relieve him of his cash and valuables. Cassavaugh was on his way home when he was ordered to hault. [sic] This he did not do, but instead he whipped his horse into a run. His assailants followed, clinging on to the buggy and attempting to pull Cassavaugh out. Cassavangh succeeded in beating them off, but not until he had received rough treatment.

Lake Placid News, January 24, 1930


Reports from the office of Captain A. W. Brandt, state commissioner of highways, are to the effect that the state hopes to build a new highway between Bloomingdale and Saranac Lake this coming summer.

The road is just short of six miles in length and is one of the most heavily travelled routes the entire Adirondack region. The announcement does not state whether the new road is to be of concrete or macadam, but since the second link of the road running from Bloomingdale toward Plattsburg is of concrete construction, it is believed by many that the Saranac Lake-Bloomingdale highway will be built of the same material.


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