1905 USGS St. Regis (below) and Santa Clara (above) Quadrangles showing Blue Mountain Road. Blue Mountain Road (also called the Azure Mountain Road) starts at the end of the Keese Mills Road, where it intersects with the Bay Pond Road, four miles west of Keese Mills. The road runs north, 18 miles past the ghost town of Brandon and Azure Mountain, ending at New York Route 458. Before the demise of the hamlet of Brandon, it was known as the Brandon Road.

Malone Palladium, December 16, 1886

AN ACT to amend an act entitled " An act creating a separate highway district in the towns of Brandon and Dickinson, and providing for the construction of a road from Keese's Mills in the town of Brighton to Merrill's hotel in the town of Dickinson, passed November 20th, 1880, by the Board of Supervisors of Franklin County, and an act amending the same, passed November 37th, 1882, and further amended by an act passed November 21st, 1883. PASSED, Nov. 19,1880, by the Supervisors of Franklin County...