Children: Bradford B. Flint, Jr.

Bradford B. Flint operated the Bradford B. Flint Pharmacy at 36 Broadway

Malone Farmer, May 1, 1901

Bradford B. Flint, son of A. Holden Flint, of Moira, came, home from the New York College of Pharmacy Saturday night with his diploma, a hundred clean, new dollars in his pocket and a medal won by efficient work at the institution where he has been receiving lectures for the past year. Mr. Flint is one of the most promising men who ever started out from Moira. He began his career in pharmacy in the store of his uncle, A. L. Sayles, of that village, and after the big fire which destroyed the store there he worked for a time with C. W. Hyde in this place. He passed the state examination in pharmacy in his junior year at the college and has just graduated winning by persistent and faithful work a medal for proficiency in his studies and a hundred dollar prise for the best thesis on Materia Medica. Out of 150 students, fifteen who comprised the honor list were allowed to compete for three $100 prises—one for the best thesis on Chemistry, another for the best on Pharmacy and the third for the best on Materia Medica. Mr. Flint is certainly to be congratulated both on his grit and his good fortune. He already has a position awaiting him in Magill's pharmacy at Saranac Lake, and enters upon his duties there May 6th. Such a young man is an honor and an addition to any community.