Brandy Brook Avenue was originally the easternmost tenth of a mile of River Street, after its junction with Lake Flower Avenue. The name was created as part of Saranac Lake's implementation of the 911 Emergency Response System. It is named for Brandy Brook, which the street parallels as it drains Moody Pond into Lake Flower. A student at River Street School in the 1950s remembers that what is now called Brandy Brook was known to the kids as Hogwallow Creek and that a few families raised pigs in pens at the dump upstream. Brandy Brook also passed by the Saranac Lake Gas Company on Payeville Road, where it was contaminated by the waste products of the coal gasification process.

Old Address Post-911 Address Building Name Cure Evidence/Notes
Starts at the end of River Street (the Lake Flower Avenue continues east
138 River Street 3 Brandy Brook Avenue River Street School  
145 River Street   145 River Street (now Gauthier's Motel) DIS
148 River Street 15 Brandy Brook Avenue

Pendragon Theatre

  20 Brandy Brook Avenue 20 Brandy Brook Avenue 1875
147 River Street   Kingston Cottage DIS 1911
150 River Street 25 Brandy Brook Avenue 150 River Street Original Moody homestead, General Ice Cream
151 River Street Brandy Brook Avenue Captain Thomas Cottage  (torn down),
Cure Cottages, p. 105
154 River Street   See 150 River Street  
155 River Street 34 Brandy Brook Avenue   155 River Street
157 River Street 38 Brandy Brook Avenue    
159 River Street 42 Brandy Brook Avenue 159 River Street USC1910
175 River Street 167 River Street    
Ends at Pine Street