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Adirondack Daily Enterprise, September 22, 1976

A little night music with Brenda Tubby

SARANAC LAKE — "An Evening Of After-Dinner Music," will be given by Brenda Tubby for the benefit of the Saranac Lake Free Library, in the Community Room of the library, on Friday, Sept. 24.

Performed on the classical guitar, the program includes selections by renaissance, baroque, and modern composers as varied as Fernando Sor, Bach, Villa-Lobos, and John Dowland. Although the works are classical the mood of Tubby's recital will be informal.

The performance will begin at 8:30 p.m. but will be preceded by the serving of after-dinner cakes and coffee at cafe tables circling the community room. The arrangement was introduced by Ms. Tubby at previous concerts which she gave at Middlebury College, whence she was recently, graduated.

Born in Saranac Lake, Brenda Tubby spent her earliest school years at the Lake Colby School, before moving to Washington, D.C., where her father, Roger, a former co-editor and publisher of the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, became dean of the Foreign Service Institute. When Mr. Tubby retired, he and his family resumed occupancy of their house on Trudeau Road, and Brenda enrolled at Middlebury as an English major.

In pursuit of her liberal arts degree, she became interested in the guitar and studied with Philip Rhonelander, of the London Royal Academy of Music. At Middlebury she gave private instructions in the classical guitar, and has acquired several students in Saranac Lake.

In spite of long absences from Saranac Lake, Ms. Tubby has retained her affection for the Saranac Lake Library and is concerned that, like all libraries today, it is pressed for funds. The charge of admission to her concert is $1.00 but there will be no objection to added door donations.

Refreshments, which will be served before and between the musical interludes, are by courtesy of Mrs. Thomas Cantwell, Mrs. Mott Chapin, Mrs. Alfred Decker, Polly Sullivan, and Heidi Allen.