Broadway Elementary School. Photograph from the 1960s. Detail from the 1924 Sanborn Map Address: demolished. The foundation exists, behind the E&M Market.

Old Address: 158 Broadway

Year built: 1912

The Broadway Elementary School was built in 1912 on a raised lot behind where the E & M Market stands today. The first three grades were on the first floor, and grades four through six were on the second; the playground was in front of the school, which was demolished after centralization in 1968. The River Street School was built two years earlier using the same design.

In the 1960s, the River Street School handled third and fourth grades, while first and second graders attended the Broadway School; both schools had half-day kindergarten sessions.

Florence Fullerton taught sixth grade, and served as principal.

It was sold in 1975 1 and later demolished.  The E&M Market was built at the front of the lot in 1984.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, May 16, 1974

The old Broadway school building was discussed, and the board instructed Ernest Seifried, superintendent, to look into the possibilities of selling the building for salvage.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, January 16, 1975

Broadway School is sold

SARANAC LAKE - The Saranac Lake Board of Education has sold the old Broadway School and the land under and around it for $1,800 to High Peaks Roofing Co., Frank Coullier.

The action was taken at Tuesday night's board meeting.

High Peaks was the sole bidder for the land and building. The total amount was divided into two sections - $1,200 for the land directly around the building and the building itself, and $600 for an attached lot 55 feet by 100 feet on Prospect Street.




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