Bull Point Bull Point is a large point on the south-western shore of Upper Saranac Lake, near Deer Island; it covers about 14 acres. It was the site of Bull Point Camp, and later of the Bull Point Motel.

Tupper Lake Herald, May 15, 1914


The sewage disposal plant now being built at Bull Point Camp, the Upper Saranac estate of Henry Goldman, is but another illustration of the importance that is everywhere attached to modern sanitation.

This Bull Point system, although serving but one private estate involves an expenditure as large as some village appropriations for sewers.

It is designed on scientific principles and represents the best modern practice in sewage disposal. Messrs. Lederle and Provost, an eminent firm of sanitary engineers of New York are responsible for the design and carrying out of the plans. The actual construction is being done by T. H. Mclntyre, also of New York. Dr. Lederle was appointed Health Commissioner of New York by the late Mayor Gaynor.

The Bull Point system will consist of about 1,200 feet of trench, which is being blasted out of hard solid rock. The sewage will be subjected to two stages of treatment; first it will flow into a large concrete settling tank, and from this on to roughing filters composed of beds of broken stone. By this process a large amount of solid matter is settled out and separated. The second stage consists of three fine sand filter beds; after leaving these the sewage is comparatively pure and may be turned into the lake without danger of pollution The effluent from the sand beds [illegible] through a submerged pipe twenty feet into the lake.

Tupper Lake Free Press and Herald, August 28, 1952

From the Files, Aug. 23, 1914

A SPECTACULAR BLAZE destroyed the elaborate boathouse at Bull Point Camp on Upper Saranac Lake that week. Campers from all around the lake battled the flames, which, threatened to wipe out the palatial Goldman Camp for a time. Three costly launches were saved but one, the Betsy, fastest boat on the lake, burned and sank in the launch house. Fire fighters were rushed to the scene on the steamer Loon from Saranac Inn. F. C. Reeves of this village was caretaker of the camp at the time.


Tupper Lake Free Press and Tupper Lake Herald, March 27, 1941

"Babette", $18,000 Leviathon of Upper Saranac Fleet, Sold for Fraction of Its Original Cost to Gouverneur Man.

The latest fixture from a one-time  Adirondack  showplace attracted  a curious throng here Monday morning when the "Babette", one of the largest gasolinepowered boats ever to ply Adirondack waters, passed through Tupper en route to the St Lawrence.

Not in more than a decade has water lapped the sides of the "Babette", but in her day she was the pride of Upper Saranac Lake where the big cruiser, threading the comparatively narrow reaches through the islands, attracted as much attention as would an ocean liner in Lake Champlain. Displacing 17 tons, 86 feet long, and broad enough so that guests lounging in a dozen big wicker armchairs on its deck still had plenty of room, the "Babette" towered over the average Adirondack launch like a whale over a minnow.

Built by the Consolidated Shipbuilding Co. of New York City, the "Babette" captured a blue ribbon when it was first displayed at the Grand Central Palace boat show. Despite its years in the discard, the gleaming expanse of its[illegible line] and the copper lining throughout show that expense was not spared in its building.

The boat was purchased by the late Henry Goldman at a cost of $18,000, for use at his Bull Point Camp on Upper Saranac Lake. Its powerful 400-horsepower motor is said to have used 40 gallons of gas on the round trip of a few miles down the lake to Saranac Inn, and the "Babette" wasn't used much, particularly in recent years. Three years ago Bull Point Camp was sold by Mrs. Henry Goldman to H. J. Galeman[?], and the luxurious camp and all its fittings were disposed of by Frank R. Seigel of Tupper Lake. The "Babette" was the last bit of camp equipment to go. It was sold to Charles Ruderman of Gouverneur, N. Y., for a fraction of its original cost and has been shipped to Alexandria Bay where it will be completely overhauled and diesel engines will replace the gasoline motor. Rescued from dusty oblivion, the boat win be more in its element on the broad St. Lawrence than it ever was on the narrow confines of Upper Saranac Lake.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, October 25, 1999

Julian and Gilpin wed in Upper Saranac Lake

SARANAC-LAKE - Miss Jessica Craigie Gilpin and Mr David Earl Julian were united in marriage at four o'clock on July 31, 1999 in the afternoon at Bull Point on Upper Saranac Lake in the Adirondack Mountains.

Bull Point is the summer home of the bride's maternal grandmother, Norma L. Green


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