The Tea House The boathouse at Camp Katia.

Camp Katia is a Great Camp on Upper St. Regis Lake, built between 1890 and 1894 by George H. Earle, Jr., from Philadelphia, the father of Pennsylvania Governor George H. Earle III. Earle also built two camps on Upper Saranac Lake and two on nearby Spitfire Lake, one of which, Camp Cobblestone is built of materials similar to Katia. There are presently fifteen buildings, built of wood and stone between 1894 and 1911, connected by a wooden boardwalk; buildings include a main cabin, a writing house, a dining room and separate living room, and seven individual sleeping cabins.


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Other historic properties


2010-02-02 19:30:44   Tracey Schrader made change~Main camp to Tea House (now Bar area). Main camp is much larger and sits behind boathouse in the woods. —