The southern section of Upper Saranac Lake, 1913Location: Deer Island, Upper Saranac Lake

Other names: Rest-A-While, Bircholm

Year built: before 1909

Camp Restawhile, or Bircholm is located on Deer Island.  Ellsworth Petty served as the camp caretaker from before 1917 until his death at age 96, while rowing back down the lake to his home.

From A History Of Sekon And Its Surroundings by Warren F. Longacker, c. 1994, p. 10

Originally part of Col. Norton’s timber empire, [Deer Island] was later acquired by the Santa Clara lumber company run by the Meigs family. The Meigs owned a large camp on Big Wolf Lake and did not settle on Deer Island. The Ferrises, related to the Meigs, owned half of Deer Island, a part of which is now owned by Dr. Craig Potter and his wife. Alfred White bought the other half of the island from Meigs and built a camp named “Rest-Awhile.” These last names are shown on the 1912 map...

After Mr. White’s death the Lyons bought “Rest-A-While”, and in 1917 with their three daughters – Elizabeth, Carolyn (May) and Linda (June) they took over the island home which Mrs. Lyon named “Bircholm.” Later she bought an open-cabin Richardson cruiser – the familiar To-N-Fro. It was 50 years old in 1979. Six generations of the Lyon family have enjoyed Deer Island.

New York Times, September 21, 1909

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. White have left their Camp Restawhile on Upper Saranac Lake and returned to Dunedin, Dobbs Ferry.

New York Times, September 26, 1913

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. White have closed Camp Restawhile, on Upper Saranac Lake, and have returned to Tarrytown, N. Y.


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