Born: c. 1838

Died: 1917

Married: Eliza Marsh, c. 1876

Children: Franklin, Eva, Roy A., Joseph, Harriet D., Robert Carlos, Carlotta, Frances E.

Carlos Whitney was a cousin of Ellsworth Petty; it was Carlos who brought Ellsworth to the Indian Carry area. Carlos came to the area in the 1850s, when Indians were still about, hunting, fishing and growing corn. Carlos worked as a guide at the Alfred L. White camp on Deer Island. According to Ellsworth, Carlos was a huge man, who could "pick up a 200 pound deer and walk off with it." He could not swim.


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Adirondack News, April 15, 1916

Fifty head of elk, purchased by the New York Stale Association B. P. O. E„ arrived in Saranac Lake the first of the week and were liberated at the Carlos Whitney Clearing on the state road between Saranac Lake and Bartlett's carry. The elk came from Yellowstone Park. Ten of the elk were liberated at Long Lake West, where there is already a herd of the animals, the survivors and descendants of a herd that were placed in the Adirondacks over twenty years ago.

Chateaugay Record and Franklin Country Record, September 3, 1920

Many of the Adirondack lovers of wild life are daily becoming more anxious regarding the fate of the herd of Elk which were brought to this state several years ago and released on the Carlos Whitney clearing in one of the wildest sections of the mountains. Many of the guides and woodsmen of the region assert that, despite the best efforts and most rigid protection by the conservation commission, through its game protectors and forest rangers, the big animals have been killed off to the last one by all sorts of illegal devices and hunting. For a time after their liberation they were reported as being in various sections throughout the northern Adirondacks, but for the past year they have dropped completely from sight and it is becoming almost a certainty that they have shared the same fate as the smaller herd, released here many years ago, which in a few months was exterminated by pot hunters with scant regard for the game laws.