Carr Cottage Annex Address: 79 Park Avenue

Old Address: 40 Park Avenue

Other names: Scribbins Cottage (1913), Doretta Gockler (1920s), Sortissoz Cottage (1928), Gillin Cottage (1929); DIS. Juby Cottage (1916)

Year built: 1910

The Carr Cottage and Annex, c. 1980 Barbara Parnass photograph collectionOther information: A Colonial Revival-style built by Mrs. Emma Carr, who operated the Carr Cottage next door. According to the 1916 TB Directory, the Juby Cottage, run by a Mr. Juby, had room for four patients, had two cure porches and charged $16-18 per week.

Carr Cottage Annex, 2021Both the Carr Cottage and its Annex are considered to be contributing buildings to the Cottage Row Historic District.

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2010-01-27 13:17:52   The current owner of the house thinks that the date it was built was earlier than 1910.